From the conception of a product idea to packaging up orders, we always keep 3 values front of mind:

  • Efficacy - We make products that work. Using nutrient-rich, organic ingredients, we handcraft skin-loving beauty products that keep you feeling your best.
  • Ethics - Beauty doesn't have to come at an environmental cost. Products can be effective, affordable and ethical at the same time. We go through every effort to ensure our ingredients are sustainably sourced, our packaging is plastic-free and eco-friendly and we never test on animals.
  • Social good - We would be nowhere without our communities. We are so grateful to have such wonderful customers supporting us that we are able to donate 1 product for every 3 we sell to The Hygiene Bank to fight hygiene poverty in the UK. We donate 10% of our profits to supporting vulnerable families and elderly in rural Vietnam. Your support goes even further as we plant a tree for every one we use to minimise our impact.

We believe that all three values can and should be present in everything we do - for the betterment of our wonderful customers, our communities and the little blue dot we call home.

Mission Vision Values Company Policy