In her little lab in Peckham, London, our founder and director Louise began handcrafting her own beauty products after developing eczema and increasingly sensitive skin and struggling to find products that worked for her while matching her values. So, she decided to make her own!

Louise Le Director and Founder

What started as a lockdown hobby turned into a passion project. Louise found that by making her cosmetics herself, she could guarantee ingredients were sustainably produced and high quality, that products were thoughtfully formulated with no unnecessary fillers or nasties, and that they actually cared for skin.

Spirit Of Summer, a natural, organic, vegan, ethical and sustainable beauty brand, was born. Embodying the warmth, joy and glow of summer, we aim to create thoughtful beauty products that are kind to you and to the Earth. There's only one of you and only one planet we call home, so let's treat both with love.