Mina gently cleanses all hair types with a beautiful lather to lift dirt while nourishing the scalp and strengthening hair, leaving it feeling hydrated, clean, silky and soft to the touch.

  • Hydrates and moisturises hair - Kale, carrot and lemon protein promotes moisture and helps restore hair cuticles. Soy protein, organic vegetable glycerin, and sodium lactate draws water to hydrate hair while coconut oil, cupuacu butter, broccoli seed oil and provitamin B5 moisturises hair, leaving it soft, shiny and flexible.
  • Strengthens for healthy hair - Mina contains no sulfates, only gentle cleansers that don't damage and weaken hair. Soy protein and provitamin B5 improves hair elasticity, preventing brittleness. Mina's blend of coconut oil, cupuacu butter and broccoli seed oil delivers essential vitamins and fatty acids to hair, making it strong and silky smooth.
  • Promotes shine - Nettle root extract and ginseng extract helps to strengthen hair strands, smoothing the cuticle and promoting shine. Mina's blend of oils, rich in fatty acids and vitamins, moisturises hair and helps leave hair soft and shiny.